Auxbeam New Arrival Cross-2 Series Light Bar VS V-Series Light Bar

Recently, Auxbeam has released a new series—Cross-2 series light bar, which seems to be a similar product series as their old hot sell—V-series or you can say the color changing light bar(RGB light bars). Judging from the feature, the Cross-2 series actually have the same feature as V-series. They all can change colors. That would be one specific feature comparing with other ordinary light bars.

Cross-2 series RGB light barSince nowadays, more and more modify lovers prefer to show individuation, they want all their belongings to be different from others. There is no doubt that color changing light bars would be so hot. As one can choose the color they want the light bar to give out. You can choose different color for the light bar every day as you like. There are also different modes and one can also set up the modes he wants. All these setting can be done through the APP on the phone since these two series can be controlled by the APP through connecting to the Bluetooth.

However, some people would ask about the difference between these two series. Here I will make a chart to compare them.

V-series Cross-2 Series
Material Die-cast Aluminum

PC lens

Die-cast Aluminum

PC lens

Waterproof performance IP67 IP67
Beam Angle Combo Combo(with cover)
LED Technology Fish-eye Lens Reflector
Size 22”—52” Straight 7”-52” Straight & Curved
Control APP APP & Remote Control
Light Color RGB for whole light bar RGB for DRL function
Brightness Cannot change Can change


Judging from the chart above, you can get to know that cross-2 will be a series upgrading from the v-series. Cross-2 series has the DRL function and the color changing part is on the DRL. If you do not need to turn on the DRL, you can also turn on the ordinary mode to have a pure white ordinary light bar. Also, some people would blame that it would be too bright with the light bar on when meeting the oncoming vehicles. The oncoming driver will not see clearly by the brightness of the light bar. Cross-2 series can deal with this. You can just adjust the brightness for whatever brightness you think is safe for the oncoming vehicles.