Auxbeam: Polaris RZR Lighting Modification

UTV, as a small vehicle design for car players to ride for fun, has now stormed the market. Many off-road lovers prefer to own one UTV for himself or give one to their kids as presents. UTV is short for Utility Terrain Vehicle, which is applied to off-road in the beach, loading cargos in the mountains and working on the farm, etc. Due to this car hood is made up of glass steel, it is beautiful and strong with innovative designs and in the different style. Adopt diversified electrical control panel contains versatile player, whose structure is very reasonable. The front part uses independent front suspension, with double wishbone types. The engine and the frame are split fixed to ensure driving comfort. As UTV lovers know that UTV is a simple design vehicle, which has a simple lighting system. So most of the UTV drivers would add some auxiliary lights on their UTV in order to see clearly in the darkness or any harsh weather.

Polaris RZR Lighting

Polaris RZR a famous kind of UTV, which has been liked by people who like off-road and adventure. There are three models of Polaris RZR: RZR® Sport Side X Side, Ranger® Utility Side X Side, and ACE® Single-Seat ORV, which have some little differences among them. Yet, they have one thing in common which is the need to add auxiliary lights. So here the modifications below to show you.

Polaris RZR LightingFor Polaris Ranger 2012-2013, the front lower grille can change and add a new grille which has places for adding a LED light bar. You can choose Auxbeam 7.5 inch 30W Philips Straight Hyperspot single row LED light bar to fill the empty place on the grill. It is made of the popular 5W Phillips chips that last a lifetime. The phantom outlook with fisheye convex lens seems cool and fashion. Configured in a single-row design, it uses specially designed optics.

Polaris RZR LightingAs for Polaris RZR XP1000, you can first add a front bumper to your XP1000. The most important usage of front bumper is to protect drivers from turning over in corruption. And also the front bumper can be the best place to add lights. You can add whatever size of LED lights on the bumper according to the bumper you added on your XP1000. Auxbeam has several of small size LED driving lights. You can choose whatever you prefer here

For all Polaris RZR, you can add a 40” LED light bar at most on the roof in the front or at the back. In this way, you can see clearly when driving and reversing. As the framework of UTV is pretty simple, the installation of the LED light bar is also simple. You can just add some clamps to fix the light bar on the roof. All the things you need can be found in Auxbeam. Come and choose some LED light bars for your UTV at

Polaris RZR Lighting