Auxbeam RGB Pod Lights Installing Problems

Recently since Auxbeam has a promotion that order over $200 can get a free RGB pod light, some get that pods but do not know the wiring connection. Also, the pods only have a remote control but no Bluetooth control so the control may be a little bit different than V-series light bars. Here I want to tell you something about the connection and remote control. Hope you know more about these great products.

RGB podsAs now we cannot control more than one RGB light by one APP, so this RGB pods only have the remote control. As Auxbeam V-series and Cross-2 RGB podsseries all have Bluetooth connected and controlled by the APP on your phone, Auxbeam has made the wiring easily connected to every customer. Just connect the correct plugs, then you can use the light bars. Now with these RGB pods without Bluetooth control, the pods just like normally 4inch pod lights. You need to connect them with wiring harness. Or you can directly use three extension cords to connect the pod lights with the battery. Since these RGB pods have RGB atmosphere lights, so normal wirings cannot help you control these. You need a wiring which can control the white light
and the atmosphere lights separately. And Auxbeam now has these wiring kit but can connect one light only. Maybe more new wiring kits will fit for more lights.

Due to no Bluetooth control, you need to control the RGB pods by the remote control. Some may find that the pods do not respond to the remote control when pressing the button on the remote control. This is because you are too far away from the sensing probe. If you look at the pods carefully, you can find that there is a sensing probe on the top right corner of the pods. When you want to control the pods, please aim at the sensing probe with the remote control.

Auxbeam RGB pods

If there is any other problems occur, please contact Auxbeam customer service, they will help you fix your problems.