Auxbeam Triple-row LED Light Bar Review

triple row light barSince more and more people are aware of the importance of light, they will need some powerful lights to let them see clearly especially in the winter night. Then they will choose to buy light bars. Traditional light bars would be in the single row or double rows as in long size. However, these still cannot satisfy some people’s need. They prefer extremely bright. So triple row light bar appear.

Now as I have mentioned in my last blog, light bars will use either reflector or projector to distribute light. And I can only discover triple row light bars using reflectors. Take Auxbeam for example, there are two series of triple row light bars—C3 series and Honeycomb series. Let’s compare the similarity and difference between them.

triple row light barThese two series are all using LEDs in 1W, but powerful as 3W. For C3-series, the design would be more special. All size would include spot beam and flood beam. The flood beam part would be designed as a nest. The nest reflector cup pushes light efficiency to the max, which can lower unused light. The broad reflective plate allows multi-wide angle refraction, ideal for ambient lighting. So the beam angle for C3-series would be 10-degree spot beam & 150-degree flood beam.

triple row light barFor the Honeycomb series, the name is given as the reflector cup looks like the honeycomb and the design also different. Normal combo beam light bars have flood beam on two sides and spot beam in the center. But Honeycomb series make an improvement. As there are triple rows in one light bar, Honeycomb series has two rows for flood beam and the center row would be spot beam. With this design, this series can not only have long lighting distance but also wide lighting space.

These two series can fit many different vehicles as they have many different sizes. Now Auxbeam has made some different coupons for different series lights. Use AUXTRI for these two triple row light bars. Also, click to see more coupon codes for different lights. Up to 10 coupons are available including the mid-year sales. Only in July.