Cool Jeep Headlights use not for Jeep?

Recently, I have checked some YouTube videos and find that someone installs the JEEP headlight on the Mazda Miata. WHAT? How can it be? Let’s check whether it can be done.

First, the factory headlight for Mazda Miata is also 7inch round headlight with H4 plug type. It is very important since the headlight for Miata need to be packed up. And as the headlight is H4 plug type, you can directly plug and play. So it is possible that Jeep headlights using on other vehicles, only if the position and the plug types can fit.

Jeep HeadlightsJeep Headlights

When I check the video installing 7inch Auxbeam Jeep headlights, that light also has halo ring and the headlights also have high beam and low beam function. So do you know how to wire the installation?

The connection is not that hard. Except for that plug, there are still 2wirings. The red wire is for the Halo ring. When used with the green wire, the light can be used as turning signal. Also, you can control the headlight high beam and low beam by the button on your Miata. The top 3 LEDs are on, low beam is on; when the center 6 LEDs are on, high beam is on; white Halo Ring is on, DRL is on.

Jeep Headlights

Thus, not every light that fixed on the brand can just fix that brand vehicle. Some others can do it.