Difference between RGB Light Bars and Atmosphere Lights

LED light bars have become increasingly popular things people would like to add on their off-roads, RGB light bars especially. Also, some light bars with atmosphere function have been sold on the market. Some people would ask what the difference between the RGB light bars and the light bars with atmosphere function is.

First of all, we have talked about the construction of the light bar. And the light bars with atmosphere function means making the light bar in particular color with low lumens. The atmosphere function is a little bit like decoration light, not as bright as a regular 3W or 5W LEDs. Those LEDs may be 0.5W or even 0.1W. Only to make the light bars looks special. And most light bars with atmosphere function will have one particular color–red or amber or green or blue, etc. So there are some LEDs in low wattage which can give out these particular color.

RGB light bar

While for RGB light bars, the most important difference is the LEDs. RGB light bars would have 3 LEDs configurated into one chip in one LED positions. That means a normal light bar has 36pcs LEDs but an RGB light bar of the same size would have 108 pcs LEDs which are configurated as also 36pcs LEDs. Why do we say it has 3 LEDs making as 1 LEDs in RGB light bars? Because RGB means Red green and blue. With these 3 colors and making them controlled by the dimmer, the light bar can give out multicolor. And the white light is one of those multicolor. Thus, the RGB light bars would have the controller, mainly on the phone. Yet, for the light bar with atmosphere function, the white light is the main lighting system.

Hope I have figured it out for you the difference between RGB Light Bars and atmosphere Lights. If you have any problems, please contact me.