How to Choose Light Bars for Trucks

light bars for trucksLight Emitting Diode (LED) light bar is essential not only for the provision of light but they add some element of style to your truck. If you are a truck enthusiast, you have no reason why you should not make it stand out with light bars for trucks.

The intensity of light emitted and the aesthetic aspect of these LED light bars will enable you to have full courage and confidence when traversing rugged terrain in rural areas or while on an adventure away from the city. You should not worry about power consumption; LED lights’ rate of power consumption is very low. Most light bars for trucks can be divided by their shapes. Therefore, you can choose between the curved LED light bar and the straight light bars for trucks depending on your need and the type of your truck. Also, they are designed in different sizes (longer or shorter) to meet the market demand as well as the individual’s preference. However, it is prudent that you know laws and regulations concerning the intensity of light permissible in your region, especially when driving on a busy highway with other drivers.

The Light Bars for Trucks

light bars for trucksLED light bar mounted on trucks or any vehicle that is capable to be driven across a rugged terrain. The terrain could be a desert or in the woods. However, the normal headlights might not be sufficient enough to enable you to see what lies ahead of you. In this scenario, light bars for trucks come in handy to save the situation.

Usually, they are mounted firmly to withstand vibrations and periodic impacts caused by the nature of the terrain. Apparently, they are preferred due to the fact that they illuminate strong and bright light that covers far and wide.

The rough terrain light bars for trucks give you all that you need to accomplish your mission. In fact, the rugged off-road light bars come with a number of high quality features which include:

– Powerful CREE LED technology,

– Aluminum covering (housing),

– Weatherproof designs

Curved LED Light Bar VS Straight LED Light Bar

curved led light barAlthough both LED bars serve the same purpose of making your night driving safe and enjoyable, they also have notable differences between them.

Starting with the ergonomic design, curved Light bars have a better structural design in comparison with the conventional straight LED light bars for trucks. Furthermore, the curved LED light bar boasts of a perfect and seamless fit for your vehicle. Whatever place you choose to mount on your truck, it always comes out looking better. On the overall night vision, the curved LED takes the lion’s share. What you need to know is that its curved design is not just for the beauty aspect of it but it has its practical application as well.

When compared to the straight LED, the curved LED light bar is better in terms of the light intensity and the area of illumination. Subsequently, it helps the driver to have a wider view of the terrain ahead and overall night vision. Similarly, you don’t have to make the crucial adjustment in order to have a clear view. Unlike the straight bar, the curved LED has a 3D reflector which enhances the lighting ability of the curved surface to give out high-quality light output. As a result, the 3D reflectors assist the lighting device to acquire a wider irradiation to produce brighter and more intense light.

Where to Install the Curved LED Light Bar

You must have a clear view of how and where you want to install the light bars for your trucks before undertaking this critical step. The shape and size of your trucks should be the first thing to put into perspective when choosing the lights for installation. Also, you need to have an idea of how the lights will be used once mounted on your vehicle. Most significantly, the right installation can have a huge impact on your lighting devices. Therefore, you can mount your curved LED bars on the grille of your 4WD, on the roof and the sides of the truck if necessary.

Guide to Choose Light Bars for Trucks

There are different types of light bars on the markets and you may not know how to choose. So here I will introduce two light bars in order to help you about that.

Auxbeam Lights bars for trucks

Auxbeam has lots of different series of light bars for your truck. As we have mentioned above, curved LED light bar is a better option for adding on your trucks, here we choose some hot sales curved LED light bars from Auxbeam.

Auxbeam V-Series light bars are known for 5D eagle-eye optical lens. Besides they can be controlled by both the button as well as mobile Bluetooth control on your phone. You can choose from a range of 15 scenarios to arrive at the color you want. Lastly, the light bar can be set to dance with the music. This type of light is applicable for the off-road lighting system. V-series is the RGB upgrade version of Auxbeam 5D LED light bars. If you do not love the multicolor function, you can choose the 5D ones. More size in curved LED light bar design for your truck.

MICTUNING Curved LED Light Bar

mictuning curved led light barMictuning is also a hot sale brand on Amazon. The hot sale curved led light bars mainly use reflector cups to reflector light. Adopted premium 3W LEDs to assemble the curved LED light bar, these light bars have the perfect beam to cover a long-distance light up and wilder view. With 10pcs of cooling fins, the heat can be dissipated as quick as possible.

Auxbeam V-series MICTUNING
Light Color RGB + Pure White Pure White
LED quality 3W/pcs 3W/pcs
Beam pattern 30°60°Combo 30°60°Combo
Waterproof IP67 IP67
Control+Wiring Bluetooth+Button

With Wiring harness, plug and play

No wiring harness
Material Durable die-cast aluminum housing Metallic Finish
Warranty 1 year warranty 2 years warranty


Additionally, it is capable of projecting light to extreme distances in the dark while maintaining brightness within the close range. Being waterproof and dustproof, it can withstand any harsh environmental conditions. The aluminum housing, on another hand, offers protection, acts as a heat sink and makes it more durable. For that reason, Auxbeam v-series curved LED light bar can provide applicable off-road vehicle lighting, during emergency and rescue operation among other uses.

In conclusion, you can decide to make a choice between straight LED light bars for trucks and the curved LED light bars in relation to your taste. Next time you take your truck on a rugged terrain, remember to include LED light bars for trucks in your budget for your safety and convenience.