How to Choose the Brightest Headlight Bulbs

brightest headlight bulbsDriving in poor visibility can cost you more than taking the precaution and having the brightest headlight bulbs. You need a bright light so that your driving is not only safe but also enjoyable. Get to Auxbeam for the highest quality brand available.

When you are experiencing inclement weather or even darkness at night, the brightest headlight bulbs will help you go through the moment comfortably. You will always find yourself in such situations in which you will require sufficient lighting to enable you to reach your destination safely.

Consequently, to have the brightest headlight bulb, you will need to have a good understanding of the different kinds of the bulbs and how they function. In the market, there are different types which include: halogen bulbs, HID bulbs and LED headlight bulbs. But which kind can be the brightest headlight bulbs?

Halogen bulbs

brightest headlight bulbs--halogen bulbsThese are very common types of bulbs that are found in most cars on the market. It uses halogen gas to improve the lighting output. They are usually known to have a long life longevity and also the production of quality light.

Unlike other incandescent bulbs in which the tungsten evaporates and blackens the lamp, halogen gas in the bulb reacts with burnt tungsten thus preventing it from affecting the glass. Its life is also elongated since some of the burnt tungsten is returned to the filament. However, quartz need to be used since the temperature required for the reaction is very high.

HID bulbs

brightest headlight bulbs--HID bulbsFully known as High-intensity discharge lamps, are types of bulbs which produce light by the means of an electric arc between the tungsten and the tube which can be quartz or alumina. The tube is filled with noble gas and also contains suitable metal.

The noble gas enables the arc to be heated and the metallic admixture is evaporated. This leads to the production of visible light depending on the power input. The unit of electricity generated determines the intensity of the light. Many vehicles use this for their headlight.

LED headlight bulbs (Light-Emitting Diode)

The LED bulb uses a semiconductor which produces light when electricity passes through them. The electricity excites the mercury in it until the ultraviolet light is produced. The light then passes through a phosphor, therefore, producing more visible light. It is known widely to be the most common alternative for an incandescent bulb.

LEDs have been in the market for a while but the improvements recently made have made their efficiency to be high. Additionally, it has made them viable for other lightings such as households and businesses rather than just headlights. The rapid progress has made the lifespan and the existence to be a wide range. So for now, LED should be the brightest headlight bulbs for vehicles.

best led headlight bulbs

Benefit of the best LED headlight bulbs

– They can work for very long and continuous hours if the right and specified temperature are maintained.

– They use the low power of up to 10 watts which is highly efficient.

– When powering it on, it is instant, unlike fluorescent bulbs.

– They also occur in different customizable types, colors, and designs.

– They do not require mercury or any other toxic materials for them to function.

– High-quality light is produced.

– There is no UV or IR production thus they are eco-friendly.

– They have high saturation and the light color can be regulated.

– They have reduced heat buildup and during dimming, the light temperature remains constant.

The service life of LED bulbs depends on many different factors. The semiconductor used and the operating conditions are the main factors. The current induced in them also affects the lifespan as the more the diode heats up as a result of high current flow, the shorter the service. However, the best LED headlight bulbs can usually serve for over 30,000 hours.

The light intensity of the best LED headlight bulbs decreases over time thus you are sure you won’t be driving in total darkness. This makes it outstanding as compared to other bulbs such as incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. The temperature is also an important thing to note as it is also relevant to the service life.

The best LED headlight bulbs have high functionality and give optimal lighting results. They are also efficient in energy saving and the light is just pleasant and subjected to your need.

Reasons for Upgrading Your Bulbs to LED Leadlight Bulbs

LED bulbs have great functionality and can be the brightest headlight bulbs. The high functionality goes hand in hand with the excellent light output. In addition, you will always want to go for something in the market that is friendly to your pocket and at the same time caters to your needs fully. It stands out to be the best inexpensive solution just for you.

You will also find that LEDs produce light which does not come along with heat. The light produced is cold and doesn’t heat up illuminated objects. This is due to much of the energy, up to 80%, is converted to light. Thus, you need appropriate cooling for the little energy produced.

You may find that the bulbs are expensive but with time you will realize that the output is really great than the cost.

Additionally, the light produced is directional and can help you focus forward while driving.


The advantages of having the best LED headlight bulbs are tremendous and overshadow any argument against its use. The functionality and the time of service they offer are the best you can get. The brightest headlight bulbs will ensure you drive safely and with comfort.

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