How to measure lights

Lighting system is a necessary equipment for an automobile. Without it, drivers can hardly drive in darker place, or harsh environments like foggy or rainy environment. Thus, lighting system is pretty important in an automobile. However, do you really know how to choose a suitable lighting for your beloved automobile? In fact, choosing an automotive system requires as much attentions as you pay when deciding to buy a new car. Factors such as efficiency, technology, aesthetics, and function are some of the things that need to be considered. With so many different kinds of lightings in the market, how does each one compares to others?

With so many brands storming into the market, we will not discuss the brand today. What we want to compare is the internal lightingsorting in the lighting system. Now, the market is mainly occupied by three kinds of lighting system. Halogen lights, HID and LED. They were developed one by one. Halogen lights, in order to overcome the standard incandescent light bulb, are first appeared in the market and now they still have a share in the market. It is composed of a tungsten filament combined with halogen gas, which produces a bright white light lasting up to 1000hours. With an advantage of easy replacing and costing less, it has been widespread use. The bright light can be diluted as required. However, the usage of halogen lights is declining due to its low efficiency nature. As these lights are depending on heat, about 55W in a typical fixture is consumed with most power converted to heat rather than light. These lights also require careful handling. Even a slight reaction from other substances like sweat, moisture can lead to a degraded performance.

lightingWhile for HID (high-intensity discharge) light also known as Xenon lights, it can produce a slightly bluish light as it is filled with xenon gas. HIDs use less power and have a longer lifespan than that of halogen lights. Compared with halogen lights, as the efficiency and lifespan mentioned above, HID also has a better output effect and produces a clearer vision for drivers. Nevertheless, HID can produce blinding lights which affect the oncoming vehicles. Also the bluish light can be a problem in inclement weather condition. As HID light hits the parties and reflects back casing a white out effect for the drivers, so the drivers cannot drive smoothly through the harsh weather condition like rain, storm or snow.

lightingThe latest types used in the automotive industry are LED (Light-Emitting Diodes). Compared to halogen lights and HID, LEDs are consumed to be low power consumption, but high energy conversion to luminous energy. Since LEDs are small, they are easily made to be in different designs. Though, LED has less heat, heat dissipation has been a problem. Due to it emitting high heat, it will affect the assembly and the accessories adjoined. Also LED cost more than halogen lights and HID, but as LED is more popular, manufacturers are finding more ways to produce low-cost but high quality LED lights.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Halogen -Long lifespan

-Cheap replacement costs

-Can be dimmed

-Produces bright, white light

-Wasted power(55W)

-Needs extra careful handling

HID -Bright light output as compared to halogen

-Longer lifespan

-Uses less power than halogen light

-Produce a glaring and blinding light-troublesome of oncoming traffic

-More expensive than halogen

LED -Efficient, needs very low power

-Can be designed into different sizes and dimensions because of its small size

-Causes rearward heat dissipation towards emitter

-Currently more expensive than the other options


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