LED Headlight Bulbs—RGB or Normal Ones?

LED headlight bulbs become dispensable things to many car enthusiasts. Not only because LED headlight bulbs have longer lifetime but also LED headlight bulbs are much better than those HID or halogen bulbs. Some enthusiasts would love to upgrade their headlight system with LED headlight bulbs, even using LED headlight bulbs on their new cars.

Auxbeam F16 headlight bulbsThere are different kinds of LED headlight bulbs on the market with different functions. Some people would think it is too hard for them to choose what they want to buy. The most important part of the bulbs is the lighting function. The heat will be the obstacles to make the light not work. Thus, the heat dissipation system would be important for the headlight bulbs. Different design of the heat sink would have different dissipation power. Also, there are mainly three heat dissipation ways for headlight bulbs—built-in fan, the copper strips or the aluminum housing. Copper stripes would be in some old headlight bulbs. More LED headlight bulbs would add built-in cooling fans to dissipate the heat. Some manufacturers would also use some A308 Aluminum as the headlight housing to dissipate heat.Auxbeam F16 headlight bulbs

Also, the chips would be the key problems for the light. Some people would love to choose the CREE or PHILIPS chips. But in fact, in order to add more lumens to the light, some manufacturers would use some integration chips like COB or CSP to make the light perform better.

Now, some people would love the RGB LED light bars and want to make their cars’ lighting in a set, so they will love to have a pair of RGB Headlights. Like the RGB light bars, the RGB headlights can be controlled by the APP on your phone and change colors as you do it on your phone. There are a few manufacturers that have begun to sell the RGB headlight bulbs and I am sure there will be more soon.

RGB headlight bulb