Light Bar with Projector Lens or Reflector Cup?

I’m sure light bar is not so strange for many of you guys since you can see some trucks and SUVs will have one or more on them. However, when you need to choose one light bar for your beloved truck or SUV, you will find that there are many choices here on the Internet that you even do not know which one meets your request.

So here today I want to share with you the difference between light bars. Some of you know about light bar may know that the most important thing among light bar is the LED technology. Also, do you know about the lens?

Light bar lens can mainly be divided into two different lenses: projector lens and the reflector cup. Just like your headlight kit, they can also be divided into projector and reflector. Reflector cup mainly reflect lights giving out by LEDs. The reflector can reflect lights in about 120 degrees. For using reflectors, light bars will have more flood beam in the wider distance. Projector lens is mainly made of PMMA, which can be great in plasticity. Light projects by projectors will have more spot beam.


5D projector light barFor lighting distance, no matter projector lens and reflectors, the light distance will be about the same. But for the light pattern, light projects by projector lens will be better-looking than light reflects by reflectors. For some small angel projector lens, light bar using them can project light farther.


reflector cup light barSo when you choose light bars, if you want more focus beam with a better-looking light pattern, you can choose a light bar with projector lens. Auxbeam 5D projector lens light bars would be a good choice. They also have that type of RGB light bars for choosing. While you need more flood beam to see around your offroad, you can choose light bars with reflector lens. Auxbeam also has a new series—Honeycomb series, triple-row design with reflector cups. This can meet your need. Thank you for checking my blog.