Multifunctional LED Driving Light Hot Sale in Auxbeam

For many car drivers, they would prefer to add some auxiliary lights to support the day time running lights the car equipped before the vehicles leaving the factory. Many people would like to add LED light bars to their vehicles, because light bars have both spot beam and flood beam in just one light bar, and can light up for a pretty long distance. Yet, they may not know that a round driving light can satisfy what they want in just one light.

This round driving is 7 inch 90W Cree round driving light with spot and flood beam combined together. This light has been sold at . Some people may regard that this kind of round LED driving lights fit only Jeep, but in fact, they can fit all kinds of vehicles. For example, it can be installed on the front bumper. Also it can be mounted on the roof rack. Several of them can replace a long LED light bar.

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driving lightsWith 9000 lumens, the light bar has a power of only 90W, which means the 18 LEDs of 5 watts Cree LED chips are as superior as to emitting 100 lumens per watt. The high light output definitely expounds the outstanding manufacturing skills of Auxbeam, which can replace HID and Halogen directly. This light has something special, which is the mask it covers. Without the mask, the LED driving light is a common light with 30 degree full spot beam. While covering with the mask, it can give out 30 degree spot beam and 60 degree flood beam. Due to such strong lighting performance, it can light up for over 800 meters. The die-cast Aluminum alloy material contributes to its black profile and the even PC lens can prevent astigmatism and breakage. In addition to its round profile and lens, an adjustable stainless steel bracket and the cold white light color of 6000K also compose the exterior of this LED light bar.

Combined with its IP68 waterproof rate, this light bar can withstand heavy rain, snow, heat or other harsh environments. To obtain the best heat dissipation, the heat sink is configured with many fins to quicken scattering heat into the air. And the life span of 30,000 hours is absolutely a bonus for customers.

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