New Style LED Light Bar Review

More and more different light bars with multiple functions are made in order to attract people. Since vehicle modification has been popular nowadays, LED manufacturers would like to make different styles of light bars for people to choose from. Recently, I’ve checked that many people are interested in RGB light bars, which can give out multicolor. Those RGB light bar reviews can be checked on Youtube and Auxbeam seems to be a good choice for purchasing RGB light bars and there are lots of review videos to show how the light bars work.

Auxbeam Cross-2 light barAfter seeing through Auxbeam website page, I find that they have sold a new series of light bars that also have RGB functions—Cross-2 Series. Cross-2 series is an upgrade for their old series—Cross Series. The main feature for Cross series is that all the light bars have Cross-shape DRL function, which means people can use the light bar, not fearing the blindness for the oncoming vehicles.Cross-2 light bar

And for the upgrade of Cross series, Cross-2 series will also have the cross-shape DRL, but for an upgrade, the DRL can give out RGB colors. However, when turning the whole light bar on, it is a normal light bar. Also, there will be one specific character. The output brightness of the light bars can be adjusted as you like. For 5D light bars, you can control the light bar by connecting Bluetooth and using the APP on your phone. Now for Cross-2 series, you can not only use APP control but also use the remote control for choosing whatever color the brightness you prefer.


For Auxbeam 5D light bars, there are only straight light bars but Cross-2 series is available in straight and curved light bars and light bars with either side brackets or bottom brackets.

If you want to choose RGB light bars, you can go to and check v-series which is 5D RGB light bars and Cross-2 series. Comparing them and choose which one you prefer.

RGB light bar