Questions & Answers about LED Headlight Bulbs

Headlight bulbs are important for any vehicles. Many vehicles are used LED headlight bulbs instead of halogen bulbs or HID bulbs as their factory stock bulbs. Some people also prefer to replace their stock bulbs with LED headlight bulbs. However, others may wonder about whether the LED headlight bulbs are much better than the halogen bulbs or HID bulbs. Thus, here we want to discuss some problems you may think of the LED headlight bulbs.

Are LED Headlight Bulbs Better Than Halogen Bulbs and HID Headlight Bulbs?

Many brands prefer to use halogen bulbs as the factory headlight bulbs because the halogen bulbs are in low price and stable lighting pattern. Some vehicles will use HID bulbs as headlight bulbs. Those HID headlight bulbs are super bright, some may even be over 7000K, which will give out light in a little blue. However, HID bulbs have one fatal weakness, which needs at least 5-10 seconds to let the HID headlight bulbs ready to give out the light. For LED headlight bulbs, they may not be the cheapest but they are in the highly cost-effective. LED headlight bulbs are equipped with LED chips, which can work for over 50,000hours. Instant turn on and off, no accident will happen because of it.

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Halogen VS HID VS LED Headlight Bulbs

You can also check the chart below to compare them directly.

Halogen Bulbs HID Bulbs LED Bulbs
Cost Low/about $15 Medium/about $25 High/ over $30
Light color Warm White(Yellow) Cool White(Blue) Pure White
Lifespan 450-1000hours; 800 hours average At least 2000 hours, can reach 8000 hours 30,000-50,000 hours
Fitment Universal, most European vehicles and North American vehicles Some high-end vehicles Vehicle Toyota, Lexus, Audi, BMW, Nissan, and Mercedes, etc
Light up time Instant Need at least 5-10 seconds Instant
Heat Dissipation System No No Cooling fan, aluminum housing, copper wire
Installation Easy to install and replace Need to replace the whole headlight assembly if upgraded with LED bulbs Directly replace the halogen bulbs
Energy Consumption Energy intensive Less power consumption than halogen bulbs The lest power consumption among them
Adjustment Dimmable No Only temperature control LED bulbs can adjust the beam pattern
Others Extra sensitive Will have glare, blind others No


By contrast, LED headlight bulbs may be the best choice for upgrading your Halogen bulbs. While you decide to get a new pair of LED headlight bulbs as the replacement for the factory bulbs, some may find other problems.

Why My LED Headlight Bulbs Flicker or My Dashboard Report An Error?

headlight bulbsGenerally, headlight bulbs in most vehicles can be directly replaced with LED headlight bulbs. However, some vehicles are equipped with the Canbus system, which controls the whole micro-controllers and devices communications with each other. The Canbus system connects every electronic equipment in the vehicles. Thus, once you replace any one part of them, the dashboard will report an error. As for replacing the headlight bulbs, flickering also is one of the problems caused by the Canbus system. To solve the Canbus problem, you can add a pair of CANBUS DRIVERS to keep the LED headlight bulbs operate in the normal way with reporting errors. So another problem exists;

Is My Car equipped with Canbus System?

After you have installed your LED headlight bulbs in the headlight assembly, if the vehicle still warns you that there is a bulb out, that means your car is equipped with Canbus System.  For example, remove a rear parking light. Please pay attention, it that one cannot be a brake light or turn signal. Drive the vehicle around during the day with the parking lights on. If the vehicle gives the bulb out warning on the dashboard, your car is equipped with Canbus System. If there is no warning, so your car is not equipped with the Canbus System. The easiest way is to contact your vehicle’s supplier or dealership. Also, there may be more problems exist during using the LED headlight bulbs.

Why the Headlight Bulbs Flicker?

headlight bulbsSometimes, LED headlight bulbs will flicker after operating normally in a period. The LED headlight bulbs will flicker, sometimes turn on and sometimes turn off. In this situation, the problem may be the heat dissipation system. There may be not enough space for the LED headlight bulbs to dissipate the heat or the LED headlight bulbs fan has dirt, which hinders the fan to work.

If the cooling fan does not have enough space, you’d better check whether the base cannot fit in original housing cover, may require modifying by cutting a hole or can purchase new housing cover from our website directly. Or you can upgrade with a new pair of dust cover as well.

The fan is very important to dissipate heat. Most bulbs stop working because of the fan is broken. Heat is the fatal cause of the headlight bulbs broken. If the headlight bulbs have the perfect cooling system, the LED headlight bulbs can work longer. In the market, there are three main cooling system: cooling fan, aluminum housing, and copper wire. Also, some LED headlight bulbs like Auxbeam T1 series and the new arrival A2 series are temperature control, which can directly adjust the beam due to the heat generated by the headlight bulbs, which can effectively reduce the flickering problem.

When the headlight bulbs turn off, the headlight bulbs will still flicker. Due to electric current didn’t completely consumption while your turn off the bulbs. So that comes with flickering or light stay on 20-30 seconds. You can parallel to a resistor in 100Ω to solve this issue.

Why the LED Headlight Bulbs Do Not Fit In?

headlight bulbsSome may have to make sure that the LED headlight bulbs they choose are in the same plug type as their stock bulbs, but still, they cannot fit in. This is because vehicles like Hyundai, Kia, VW, BMW, BENZ, and some other vehicles, which needs H7 or H1 for the high beam and low beam may need the extra special BULB HOLDER. Upgrading with those special bulb holders can let the LED headlight bulbs fit in.

There may be still some other problems that may happen to you. If you do not know how to fix, please contact us. Or if you have more ideas, please tell us.