Small Size Auxbeam LED Light Bar Makes Great Difference

Many people prefer to mount large size LED light bars that can light up a long range of area up front the driving way. You may think that large size LED light bar would perform better than small size LED light bars. However, you may be wrong in some way. A large light bar definitely can shine a wider way, but some small size LED light bar can also do as well as the large size light bars. Also in some countries, large light bars are not allowed.

More and more people prefer to install 4inch LED light bar or light pod on the A-pillar place, which can shine a wide distance for driving. As usual, such installations would often exist in modifications for Jeep Wrangler. In fact, lighting enthusiasts would use the modifications of Jeep Wrangler for reference and do the same modifications on other vehicles like Toyota 4Runner, Chevrolet Silverado…

light bar

For light bars about 7inch-12inch, many people prefer to install on the bumper, inside the grille, or under the grille. These are all perfect place for the small size LED light bars. Also, such small LED light bars fits offroads like ATV/UTV much better than a 42inch or 50inch light bar, because, like ATV, there is even no supporting points to hold a 50inch light bar.

light barNow Auxbeam has got a new series of Hubble 5D Series LED light bars this year, and have been warmly welcomed by many LED enthusiasts. Although we just put on light bars on the market in at least 12inch, while, some customers would prefer to buy some small size ones. So, Auxbeam adds more members to the new Hubble 5D Series—4inch, 7inch, and 9inch in either flood beam or spot beam. And also, some straight large size LED light bars for enthusiasts who prefer large size.

light barAuxbeam wants to hear more voice about our light bar. If you have anything you want to share with us. You can just leave a message on or you can do in on our live chat. We are eager to know how you feel about us. If anything we can improve our products or service, we are glad to accept your suggestions.