Top 5 Equipment Makes Your Trucks Perform Better

Some people regarded performance modifications as increasing fuel consumption. Fuel economy is relative to the performance. The performance of your trucks can be measured in several aspects including fuel consumption, emissions output and maximizing the kinetic energy you truck can produce.

Automobile manufacturers have adjusted most trucks on the road more conservative than its real potential performance. They do so in order to extend the vehicle reliability within their sparse vehicle maintenance schedule, which gives the consumer the impression that their trucks are more reliable, yet, their true potential is restricted. Thus, here I want to share some equipment that you are affordable to add to your trucks.


  1. High-Performance Tires. Estimated Cost: $500-$900

You will regularly check the air pressure and wear of tire at least once in a week or so, which will help you discover problem. If you find yourself doing a lot of highway driving, and found no water, ice, snow or mud, then you will benefit from the higher performance tires. They are made of different rubber compounds that is “hard” enough to reduce encroaching on other tire quickly. They have special tread, in order to reduce the “bite” into a way. Make Assessment of your driving behavior and to determine whether these are appropriate. If you usually run into distinct seasons, insist to use the whole season/terrain tire.

Lift Kit

  1. Lift Kit. Estimated Cost: $500-$1000

There is no doubt that the advantage of a lift kit is that the parts necessary to remove your vehicle body parts are assembled into a kit. By purchasing a kit, you will benefit from the fact that the manufacturers have finished all the work, in addition to the installation and the service for you. There are still some advantages including: do not change the vehicle suspension and steering geometry; not affect the motion of the vehicle and more economic than suspension lift kits.

led light bar

  1. LED Auxiliary Lights. Estimated Cost: $50-$500

Your factory lighting would be not as good as your truck was first bought. So you may think of adding some auxiliary lights to help you see clearly when you are driving. Adding even just one off road led light bar can bright your way better than your whole factory lighting system. However, choosing what kind of light bar can be high performance cost? Auxbeam can help you solve this. All the LED light bars Auxbeam sold are high quality in affordable price. You can choose any off road led light bar. It has LED light bars ranging from 4inch to 54inch and LED driving lights 2inch to 9inch.

Larger Anti-Roll Bars

  1. Larger Anti-Roll Bars. Estimated Cost: $100-$500

When you are driving on the rough road, a set of anti-roll bars can let your truck stays level with the road, optimizing tire contact patch. Also adding a set of front and rear anti-roll bars can help you stay safer, when you occur an accident and your truck was turned over.

Spark Plugs

  1. Spark Plugs. Estimated Cost: $40-$100

Change spark plug at 60000 miles if you have the iridium or platinum plugs, each year or 7000 miles of copper plugs. Otherwise, check every year. Spark plugs tell a lot about what’s going on in an internal combustion engine. You don’t need to change them, but you need to inspect them once a year.

Do something to improve the performance of your truck and let it be with your in good condition as always.

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