Toyota Tundra Modification Reference

Are you an off road enthusiast? Do you enjoy hitting the rough terrain in the dark? Auxbeam LED Light Bars are a must need equipment for any 4×4 or truck by adding an ultra-bright auxiliary light that will effectively brighten up everything in front of you. Auxbeam offers off road light bars in a variety of sizes from 4inch to 54inch light bar options and LED driving lights from 2inch to 9inch that can be mounted on top of the vehicle above the windshield or even the grille. Most off road enthusiasts may love to install LED light bars of LED driving lights. Yet not everyone knows which size of the lights fit their vehicles perfectly. Here Auxbeam would like to provide you different modifications according to different types of vehicles. Today, we are going to talk about modification on Toyota Tundra.

For most LED light bar lovers, upper windshield is a common place to add LED light bar. For Toyota Tundra, the width is 79.9inch, but most Tundra lovers know that you can just install utmost 50 inch LED light bar with the special windshield mounting brackets. In fact, 50 inch would be a perfect choice.If you want any size you can directly choose from Auxbeam. Surely it can help you.

Tundra Modification

You can also choose not to install LED light bar since some countries’ law does not allow installing overlong LED light bar. Thus, LED driving light can be your another choice. Yet if you really want to install the on the roof of your Tundra, you need to add roof rack to your Tundra first. Also, you can install the LED driving light on the bumper. For the bumper you can choose from 5inch to 7inch LED driving lights, and 7inch to 9inch would be perfect for the roof rack.

Tundra Modification

As the Toyota Tundra is a type of pickup full of American style, you can also make some change to the grille. Inside the grille, you can add some small LED light bars or work light. Choosing which size of the light for your grille depends on the space of the grille.

Tundra Modification

The new generation of Tundra(2014-present) you can also change the factory fog lights into LED ones. You can choose Auxbeam 3inch work lights, which perfectly fit the place of the factory fog light perfectly. What’s more, you can also do a small modification to your rear bumper to add a pair of fluch mount LED lights as you backup light. It can help you see clearly when you are backing up your vehicles. Just some modifications can help you a lot during driving.

Tundra ModificationTundra Modification

Auxbeam prepares for you different kinds of modification for reference. If you have any ideas, you can leave us some messages and we can give you a custom job.