Upgrade Your Motorcycle Headlight

Suzuki GSXWhat is the easiest way to upgrade a vehicle? That may be to upgrade the headlights. As the technology developed, headlight bulbs started from Halogen bulbs, then HID (High-Intensity Discharge), to LED bulbs nowadays. Headlight bulbs develop quickly to improve the defects and make new improvements. The LED bulb is the improvement of Halogen and HID, so choose LED for your vehicles now.

We have talked about upgrading bulbs on many cars or trucks. So now here we want to talk about upgrading bulbs for motorcycles. Motorcycle headlight bulbs may be not the same as the bulbs for cars, though the type model may be a little bit similar. Like we have H4 for cars and also H4 for motorcycles, but they are not exactly the same H4. Some people would use the normal car bulbs to upgrade motorcycle headlights. If you know how to retrofit them, fine, you can do that; or you need to buy special headlight bulbs for motorcycles.

Steps to do the upgrade

  1. motorcycle headlightRemove the screws, take off the headlight ring and pull out the headlight. Unplug the headlight bulb.
  2. Take away the dust cap and the fixed spring. Take out the factory bulb. You’d better clean the headlight housing as well.
  3. Retrofit the dust cap. Cut some space to fit for the new LED bulb. Then put the fixing spring in. Then the LED bulb. You may need to push the bulb in with some strength. You can add a piece of screws to fix the spring in order to ensure the bulb.
  4. Put the bulb, which is installed on the dust cap, into the headlight housing. Fix exactly the opening place on the headlight housing with the H4 setup.
  5. Connect the plug. If you worry about it may be loose by vibration, you can add a piece of string to tighten it up.

Turn on your headlight and you will find it is really bright with motorcycle LED Headlight bulb. Now auxbeam also have motorcycle bulbs for H4. You can check https://www.auxbeam.com/headlight-bulbs/H4/92619020

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