Upgrading LED Headlights for Your Vehicle

More and more people tend to modify vehicles to improve their performance. One of the easiest ways is to upgrade your headlight bulbs. Many vehicles are equipped with old types bulbs like halogen bulbs for considering the cost. Only a few high-equipped models would have HID or even LED headlight bulbs. In fact, LED would perform better than Halogen and HID. Halogen bulbs would become dim after the vehicles running for some time. HID bulbs need several seconds to start up and become bright. However, LED headlight bulbs can solve all these problems.
LED headlight bulbs are combined with several parts: the light, fan (some may not have), relay and wirings, canbus driver (warning canceller). These whole set can give you more bright and help you control your light easily.

F-16 headlights
When talking about LED lights, more people would concern about what type of LEDs does all those lights use. People seem to prefer famous brands like CREE, PHILIPS or OSRAM, while they may think that those LEDs can guarantee the quality of the LEDs. In fact, the technology of how the LED package would also be important.

different LED chips




Thus, LED manufacturers like Auxbeam would offer you more choice of different LED bulbs with different technology. If you prefer ordinary headlight bulbs, you can choose F-16 series or NF-03. F-16 series is designed with fan design, while NF-03 series has not. However, both can dissipate heat to the utmost extent, since NF-03 series uses A380 aluminum as the heat sink. Its thermal conductivity is 20000w/mk, which is 50times higher than Copper (401w/mk) and 100times higher that of aluminum (220w/mk). If you want some different technology LED headlight bulbs, you may try the S1, S2, S3 series. They use CSP or COB to package the LEDs. CSP is short for a chip-scale package, which is a type of integrated circuit package. This package type is mainly made in chip scale, which should be no more than 1mm. So such LEDs can be smaller, lighter and thinner. COB (chip-on-board) is a new technology LED light engine LED encapsulation. Multiple LED chips encapsulation together as a lighting module. When it’s lit up, it looks like a lighting panel.
Therefore, when you choose LED headlight bulbs, you can concern more for your need.