Which Kind of Light Bar Do You Prefer?

Nowadays, LED light bars become not only lighting appliance but also car decorations to make vehicles cooler. There are so many light bars in the market with different functions. You may do not know how to choose. So here we talk about different light bars which are very hot in the market.

The light bars main difference may be LED chip types and light bar lens design. Famous chips like CREE, PHILIPS, and OSRAM. More integrated chips like CSP or COB are more and more popular. Light bar lens have two types, projector lens, and reflector lens. The difference between them we have mentioned in the previous blog.

Now, let’s talk about 3 hot light bars.

rigid industries radianceThe first must be Radiance from Rigid Industries. The Radiance series is really cool. Rigid quality is well-known, super tough and durable. Radiance meets the customers’ need for color changing and give 5 color choices. Other light bars like E-series or D-SS series will also be a good choice. Rigid has been in the LED market for many years and many other lighting manufacturers will imitate its light pattern to make their own similar lights. So that means Rigid light bars are very hot.

KC light barKC Hilites is also a famous company. But it product line mainly focus on driving lights. Now they have made a new Gravity Pro 6 series which engineered to take visibility to a new height. It seems to be made of several driving lights. And it looks good when get installed.

Auxbeam is a new popular company which also has many great products. Not like Rigid, Auxbeam prefers projector lens and make some light bars using projector lens. The 5D series and V-series are really popular. V-series are based on 5D- series and make it into RGB ones. One light bar can give out multiple colors. If you want to make your vehicle cool, Auxbeam V-series may be a better choice.

Auxbeam V-series light bar

Next time, we will talk about more light bars. And find some more new lighting bars.