Why Buying LED Light Bars for Trucks, SUVs and UTVs

Light is an irreplaceable source we need everywhere. As the technology develops, LED lights become the new trend of lighting. In fact, more and more people prefer to change their factory lighting system into LED ones and add more LED light bars for different usage. Obviously, LED light bar can not only use within home closets and kitchen cupboards, but also for trucks, SUVs, UTVs and many vehicles using by responders, police, and firefighters as primary tools whenever emergency incidents take place. However, some may still have some questions about why buying LED light bars for their trucks, SUVs, and UTVs.

light barIn facts, LED light bar has far more benefits than HID, halogen lights. LED light bars require a low amount of electrical energy yet emit extremely bright light in a high lumen. The design of the LED light bar is for the usage of vehicles in 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V, while, in such low energy consumption, the light bar can give out over 31,200lumen light in 54 inch LED light bar. Even in the smallest size—4 inch LED light bar can give out 1800Lumen light. Putting such LED light bars in your vehicles, you can use them to amplify your viewing angle at night, you can even use it to shine when you need to go camping in the wild.

light chipsThe illumination of the light bar depends on the quality of the LED chips inside the LED light bars. Normally, you can see a lot of LED chips like Cree, Osram, Philips, and Epistar, etc. Those are famous LED chips that can definitely give perfect light through the LED light bar. However, some LED light bar manufacturers want to make a great profit of the light bars, so they use cheap LED chips. You may not tell the difference between the low-quality LED chips and the high-quality chips like Cree at the first time you buy them. However, as time goes by, the low-quality LED chips will be dim or can only work in several months.

As far as we concerned, traditional light bars can only produce a certain color of light, but you can choose the light color of LED light bar. LED light bar can give out different colors of light that can make your vehicles extremely cool. Also, the beam pattern can also be chosen by the customers. There are three types of beam angles: spot, flood, and combo. Combo beam is a combination of flood and spot. Compared to the Compared to the standard light bars with lifespans of about 15,000 hours, a new type of modern lighting equipment can last longer up to 35,000 hours because it doesn’t use filaments that burn out after a short period of time.

light bar illumination

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