Why Do My Headlight Bulbs Burn Out So Fast?

Headlight bulbs are really important for every vehicle. Yet, will you find that your headlight bulbs are easily burned out when you make a modification? Here we will talk about the main reasons why the upgrading bulbs burn out so fast.

  1. Excessive heat may be the main reason for the headlight bulbs burn out. LED bulbs will generate heat while working. So if the heat dissipation system cannot support so much heat, the bulbs will be dimmer and dimmer and then one day they will burn out.

headlight bulbs

  1. Bad electrical connection. For headlight bulbs, it is pretty easy to connect the light to the battery, just plug and play. But you still need to pay attention to the battery wattage. Some people would like to use the headlight bulbs for DRL as well. But in fact, DRL need a low battery wattage. So the bulbs may burn out.
  2. Excessive vibration. For off-road enthusiasts, you may love to jolt over the rough road. If you do not fix the bulbs right in the headlight assembly, the bulbs may loose and get out of the headlight assembly.
  3. Buying cheap products. If you purchase a cheap eBay knockoff, nobody can guarantee the quality of the bulbs. You‘d better choose some well-known products and check how people think after they using these products on their vehicles.

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Some lighting manufacturers like OPT7, Auxbeam, PIAA and so on can give you reliable products. If you want to purchase LED headlight bulbs, you can check these manufacturers to see if you like to order. Just give you some tips here at my blog.