Why the H7 Bulbs Cannot Fit My Car

LED Headlight bulbs are very popular these days. Many people feel like to upgrade their factory halogen bulbs into LED ones. Some would not know what bulbs fit their cars since bulbs, some people would ask the sales service about the bulb plug type fitting before placing an order. Some have checked their car manual and purchase on their own. However, some people would find that the bulbs cannot be installed on their vehicles such as H7 or H1 bulbs. And what happens?

TIM截图20170811113132Vehicles like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, and Kia may have this problem, especially Volkswagen Jetta. The reason why the bulbs cannot be installed is lacking the headlight base holder. The holder can hold the bulbs right at the headlight position. Some vehicles may have the holders so they can easily install the bulbs, while some vehicles like Volkswagen Jetta do not have that holder separated with the halogen bulbs, so you cannot use them with the LED bulbs. Luckily, I have checked some website and find that these headlight bulbs holders are available on the Internet at low price. You can check here.

With those headlight bulbs holders, you can easily upgrade your headlight bulbs to LEDs. Every bulb has a bulb holder and now we will talk about the situation you cannot install with the original bulb holders. The installation for those who cannot use the original H7 bulbs holders

  1. Disconnect the circuit
  2. Unplug and remove the factory halogen bulbs
  3. Separate the adapter base from the H7 bulbs
  4. Fix the compatible bulb holder and lock it up with the external clip. Twist the bulb to tighten it up
  5. Connect the circuit and remember to connect the same terminals +/-
  6. Do it again on the other side and turn the light on and check whether it is OK.

Some vehicles needed H1 bulbs may also have the same problems as H7 does. And you may need to take off the bulbs holder before installations.